Abhadarshan Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profitable Society (N.G.O.) registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 in Delhi.  Dr. J. Lal is the founder of this Foundation.The funds generated are utilized to implement the relevant field of activities of the Foundation.  It primarily works in the following fields having a rich and talented faculty of Counselling,Aura Scaning, Negativity Elimination, Reiki, Meditation & Special Seminar on Stress Management . View more

About Dr. J.Lal

imageHe has established this organisation and is the founder President. He comes from a prominent family associated with ancient Indian sciences and culture. He is a Aura Specialist & Reiki Grandmaster. . . full story
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Aura Science

Aura is the energy field that surrounded all matter. Anything that has an atomic structure will have an aura, an energy field that surrounds it "The stronger the aura, healthier the person". Full Story


Reiki(Healing Touch)

Reiki is the easiest to learn and use. Even children and illiterate people can use it & Perform wonders. Reiki is an inherent natural quality present in every human being Full Story


Crystal & Gems

The Science which deals with the use of crystals for healing, negativity elimination, increase of positive energies, charging of food items, drinks,water, clothes, medicine etc. Full Story


Mystical Sciences

The center’s sole aim is to propagate the values and potentiality of Indian, Tradional medical science i.e.Holistic healing sciences among the common masses. Full Story



A yogi gradually gets submerged in the Divine Virtues like absolute knowledge, power and bliss and finally becomes one with God by acquiring supereme power, bliss and purity Full Story

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Testimonials & Experiences

The program was excellent and very well conducted. looking forword to attend more of these kind of sessions

Mr. Chopra

Its a unique blend of time tested Aura principles and modem practices which ensures maximum benifit for all the participants.

High Flyer

Abha Darshan (Aura Workshop) offers a comprehensive solution through different sessions on physical, mental and emotional well being

Mr. Sunil

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